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About the handling of personal information for employment placement services.

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Person in charge of personal information management: Daisuke Usuki  

1. Purpose of use:  
We will use the "personal information about you" obtained in the registration documents for the following purposes. 
・ For offer of job, offering information and job introduction 
・ To introduce event information etc. about job placement
・ To offer opinions, requests, and information to our company for the purpose of service improvement.
・For the purpose of providing information on various information related to our business In addition to, registration and 

    provision of personal information is optional, but please note that we may not be able to meet your request if you can not fill 

    in the required items. In addition, depending on the type of job desired and the content of the job offer, you may be asked

    for sensitive information such as physical information and health insurance. 

2.Safety management 
"Personal information about you" will be stored under our strict management system for a fixed period (about 4 years) determined by our company. In addition, if there is no introduction record for 1 year after registration, or if our contact with you is interrupted due to unknown location of relocation, etc., the service may be suspended or personal information may be deleted at our discretion.  (If you wish to resume the service, please register again.)

3. Provision to third parties 
We do not disclose personal information to third parties without your consent, except in the following cases.
・ If it is requested by law 
・ If it is required for your life or health 
・ When it is necessary to protect serious interests such as property or to protect the public interest 
・ In order to provide more job information to you, we may provide "Personal information about you" to a third party to other

     referral companies that have a business partnership with us. We conduct appropriate management such as safety 

     confirmation of personal information handling and conclusion of confidentiality agreement for the company. 

4. Consignment of personal information
  We may outsource your personal information due to business needs such as information processing and maintenance. We 

   conduct appropriate management such as safety confirmation of personal information handling and conclusion of non-

   disclosure agreement.


5. Inquiry about personal information  
(1) Customers who wish to correct, delete or suspend the use of personal information (hereinafter referred to as "disclosure

     etc.") registered with us, please contact the following. 

(Contact information) 
Phone number 045-683-6154 
Email of person in charge: 

(2) Others, complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information 


(Contact information)
Phone number 045-683-6154 
Email of person in charge:

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